Dora The Explorer Invitations

I don’t know if it was the same for you when you were young but for me it was the same old thing every year. A sport motif in one of the corners on blue lined paper and no friends at my birthday parties. I would have killed for the variety that the kids have today. In my day it would have been Thundercats or He-Man where today it’s Dora The Explorer Invitations.

I can just see how my eyes would have glowed when I saw how impressed my friends would have been.

Sometimes we look at a birthday invitation and think “It’s only an invitation.” We forget that the invitation is the promise of fun and excitement. When a little boy or girl looks at an invitation they see pony rides, jumping castles, cake and magic. When they open the envelope (if you have even made the effort) it’s like a door to fun and if it is drab and boring they will picture anything but fun.

What else screams “Come to my party and have fun!” louder than a cartoon character? We all know how loud, bright and repetitive they are on the television screen. The child that reads an invitation with a cartoon character on the front recreates the character’s voice in their little minds. Now if little Tiffany or Kale invites a child to a party there is a 50/50 chance for a yes or a no. However, if Dora asks in her sweet Latina accent you have bumped up the chances of your little one having a great time by at least 25%.

There isn’t a good mother in the world that would relish seeing their child sitting alone with tear stained cheeks and puffy eyes. At least I don’t think there is. Buying or making Dora the Explorer invitations may seem like a frivolous expense to the hubby but the thought of seeing his little princess rubbing tear-filled puffy eyes will soon loosen his fist.

You may be able to save a bunch of cash on the invitations by using plain paper but you might as well save yourself the price of the whole party when no one pitches up and everything is wasted. If you wouldn’t skimp on bachelorette or stork party invitations then don’t you owe it to the little one the same courtesy. No amount of money can ever be worth the memories of a child’s smile while she lies in her bed dreaming of how great her birthday was. Can it?

Free Printable Dora The Explorer Invitation Templates