8+ Free Mickey Mouse Invitations Templates – Bring Out the Kid in Us

Birthday parties for children have to be organized in a fun manner. This fun doubles when the parties are organized on a particular theme or cartoon characters that are a big hit among all kids. Mickey Mouse birthday invitations and baby shower invitations based on this theme and famous cartoon character, would be full of enjoyment and merriment. So your guests would not be missing on this wonderful opportunity.

Nothing would match up to the Mickey Mouse themed birthday party.

Do not forget to make the Mickey Mouse birthday invitation cards colorful by showing the character of Mickey. Children around the world would just adore Mickey Mouse invitations as they adore the character on it.

A great party favor would be to supply all the guests with Mickey Mouse ears. If it is not economical to purchase all the ears make them yourself by cutting ears out of black felt and attaching them to an inexpensive black headband. Everyone will get into the fun by wearing these ears and will be able to use them in the future in costumes when they take them home.

Mickey Mouse invitation wording

After making out the impression, color it well and then write out the wordings inside the invitations. This would help you to save on your extra budget by serving the purpose of invitation cards. For the invitations for your guests, then you have the option of approaching any clubhouse that will help you out to organize your kid’s party. Such clubhouses are known to arrange things right from ordering and sending Mickey Mouse invitation cards to all your guests to managing every nuance of the party like party games and activities, decoration and so on.

The five senses are sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Sight is the only sense people commonly remember when throwing their party (with decoration), but you can easily engage the other four.

8 Free printable Mickey Mouse invitation templates for boys and girls


Party music and food

For a Mickey Mouse party use Disney music for hearing, hotdogs (Mickey’s favorite food) and Mickey Mouse cakes for taste and smell and use themed activities for touch. If you ally that with your Disney decorations step one of Holistic party throwing will be completed.

Mickey Mouse birthday party stages

Next come the three party stages. They are invitation, party, and closing. When you are planning your kid’s Mickey Mouse birthday party take each stage and include the rodent!

For invitations, use Mickey stamps with a photograph of your boy and the character, for example. For the party plan activities inspired in the Mouse. And for closing, you can create favors that include Disney treats and toys that will keep the guests entertained for weeks to come.