A Hello To Creative Kung Fu Panda Invitations

A week ago, I attended my nephew’s birthday party. He is a big fan of Kung Fu Panda movie series, so, my sister got Kung Fu Panda invitations designed and so it was the party theme.

It’s time to say bye to boring invitations and hello to creative ones. The amount of effort and time we put in planning an event should not get camouflaged with some boring or traditional invitations. Since now invites can be sent online, there is more space for creativity.

Why use Cartoon themed invitations for kids?

Kids love cartoons. I am sure that the invited kids and parents would have got half of the required interest and enthusiasm from such interesting invitation cards. Such small attempts actually reflect your personality and nature.

Sometimes, your kids don’t like to be in a crowd but such imaginative and designed invitations grab their attention and encourage them to enjoy as a part of it. These small changes from cliché style bring charm and perfect attendance in your event. Many event planners suggest to decide the theme of your party and then get your invitation in the same line.

Not only for kids birthday parties, such custom invites are available for weddings, baby showers, engagement parties, anniversary party and many more. You name the event and there you have multiple options. While surveying more about it, I was surprised to see that they have different card themes for boys and girls according to their age.

How to get customized invites?

Other than cartoon themes, there are more options for birthday invites – ice cream cone shape cards, ice candy shape, doughnut, fairy shape, unicorn and many more. There many online services that will give adorable designs. You just need get the content ready, place order and invites will be in your hand max with-in a week. If you are planning to send invitations online, you can get soft copy there and then itself.

Since your Kung Fu Panda Invitation cards are going to be impressive looking, make sure it has good content too. Few of famous online services are available ease up your work: Evite, Zazzle, MyFunCards and Easyvites. You may have a look at these and choose as per your requirements. There are few mobile apps as well which will help you out to design the invites. You can download the soft copy for free and order to print.

As a result..

The recipients will be more interested and feel more involved in the occasion. The appreciation will bring a good feel factor and zeal in the preparation.

Free Printable Templates – Kung Fu Panda Invitations

When you are inviting people over for a planned affair, these creatively designed customized invitation cards will solve the problem of connecting warmly to guests. Moreover, it will make sure that most of invitees mark their presence.

An essential tip to note that making an impression is as important as the welcoming feeling in your Kung Fu Panda invitations.