Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Another Great Idea for a Birthday Party Invitations

Throw an awesome pizza-filled Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles party invitation for a super fan of the fighting foursome. The Ninja Turtles have been kicking Foot Clan butt since the 80’s and will continue to do so. Throw fun for the birthday party with easy to make party supplies and decorations.

Cool Ninja Turtle Invitations

Make turtle shell calls by using green paper and Ninja printable images. Another option is to cut out the invitation cards faces from green construction paper and attach ribbon around the face (cut out holes for the eyes so the turtles can see). Glue the ribbon on using a hot glue gun or a glue stick. Once the ribbon is attached, tie the ribbon on the side of the face. Write the party information on the back of the turtle. These small additions will go along the way with the young guests at the birthday party.

On the other hand…

You can easily make a personalized Teenage mutant ninja turtles invitation from these free printable templates

And new invitations are coming soon…

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas, Supplies & Decorations

Decorate the party area with plenty of red, orange, blue, purple, and green party supplies & decorations. Decorate the party food table with pizza boxes (empty boxes like the turtles just ate). Place turtle chocolates on the table in clear glass jars with red, orange, blue, and purple ribbons tied around the top of the jars.

Theme of the Party Banners

To create a teenage birthday party banner, draw the 80’s logo, or modern, on poster board and hang in the appropriate area. Trace the letters on the poster board to avoid having to draw the logo free-hand.

Most people will find that decorating the chairs and sofa with green fabric will give the party a Teenage Mutant Ninja Party look. Place the green turtle fabric over the seats and tie the TMNT silk ribbon around the chairs in a bow. Please note that the fabric should be the material that will make the cut because holes will be cut the fabric for the eyes.

Create a utility hole cover with gray poster board and markers. Draw a service hole cover on the poster board and cut out. The service hole cover will be in a variety of locations. Underneath the party, table creates the cards sewer layer with cardboard boxes. Place the birthday sewer lair toys in the boxes or draw the sewer on using paint.

Teenage Birthday Party Food & Drinks

– Pizza (What else?)

– Whole juice (grape, blueberry, orange, and cherry)

– Mint Green Milkshakes

More often than not, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles enjoy a great party, therefore, having a variety of party supplies and decorations along with ninja turtle invitations and pizza on hand will make the party even more famous.

Ninja Turtle Invitations for Boys and Girls