Shimmer and Shine Invitations for Girls

Everything comes in digital form nowadays. The growth and use social media for almost every aspect of daily life has somewhat overshadowed the value of sincere gestures such as sending and receiving invitations. Consequently, commercially produced invitations have become costly.

However, making your own personalized invitations to send out is always an option

Sending cards for invites doesn’t need to be expensive and tasking. For invitations that can truly be appreciated and attract guests, a Shimmer and Shine invitations are the way to go. After all, a party with attractive personalized invitations to begin with is classy. In line with that, included in this article are selections of printable templates which can be customized for various occasions and celebrations such as birthday parties, baby showers, or for social events. In addition, these invitation templates are free, customized and printable.

There are numerous templates easily acquirable online. But before jumping into the wide selection of the free download invitation templates, it is best to have knowledge on the basics of designing invitations and cards that truly stand out. Listed below are some considerations when designing an invitation card.

The Event

Naturally, an invitations or invitation cards must be design in alignment with what is going to take place. There are various types of events which are often differentiated with the level of formality. The same level of formality should be reflected within the invitation as well. A great and effective invitation gives the invites an insight as if they were at the event already.

The Shimmer and Shine Theme

Subsequent to the nature of the event, its theme must also be implied within the invitation to be sent out. This helps the invitees to picture out what to expect with some degree of clarity. Additionally, this helps the guests, more particularly the ladies, on selecting their attire for it. Shimmer and Shine theme is ideal for birthday parties or baby shower celebration.

The Host / Celebrant

Of course a party should be designed for the celebrant. And the same applies for the invitations. This may be done through several perspectives. Adjusting invitation designs may be influenced by the celebrant’s line of work or career while some designs display their hobbies or passion in life. But whatever the case is, the invitation should be able to convey personality.

The Details

These are the W’s in any invitation; Who, What, When, and Where. It is monumental that all these information are written in an eye-catching fashion. Incorporating these into the design can sometimes be tricky, but that is where an awesome template comes in.

As promised, included in this article are free printable Shimmer and Shine invitation templates which can be easily customized. The templates are designed in a manner where the essence of an event is easily expressed. Additionally, there is already allotment space within the design where the complete details could be easily typed in.

Free Printable Shimmer and Shine Invitation Templates

For boys of varying ages, there are templates that are made to show robustness, passion, and fun with designs influenced by hobbies and interests. Among the selection include designs that exhibit boyish charms such as sports, cars and superheroes for example Batman invitations or Cars invitations.

Shimmer and Shine Baby Shower Invitations or Birthday Invitations for Girls

For girls, the templates herewith were made to demonstrate femininity, wit, and affection. Of course there are other designs that emanate girl power. Included in the selection are girl oriented templates influenced by female fads such as  fashion.